About Bethany's Leotards

Why I started a Gymnastics Leotard Company

Bethany GrieveMy name is Bethany, I'm currently 19, and I live in Canada! You may know me from YouTube and Instagram as "Bethany G".  I started watching YouTube when I was 8, on my dad's iPad.  Then I wanted to create videos myself, so my dad helped me make a YouTube channel.  I made up to 5 videos a day playing with my Lalaloopsy dolls and other toys.  Then I discovered Bratayley and I watched their videos every day.  One of the girls on the family channel, Jules (Annie) Leblanc, was a gymnast at the time.  I did gymnastics for only a little while when I was four/five, but watching Annie practice inspired me to start gymnastics again on December 6th, 2013.

One day, they asked for people to send videos of themselves saying happy birthday to Annie.  I sent a video in and they included it in their final video!  A week later, Billy (the dad) emailed my dad about starting a new collab channel called Truth Plus Dare.  I joined, and it was an amazing experience!  The best part though, is that because of all of this, I was able to go to their house in Maryland for a whole week in 2014 and hang out with them!  It was my dream come true (literally).  My YouTube channel got really popular.  I also joined Instagram!

I still do YouTube videos and Instagram, and nearly seven years later, I still love gymnastics.  When I first learned what a leotard was, I watched so many hauls on YouTube.  I decided that my ultimate goal in life was to have a bunch of leotards to pick from.  That goal was fulfilled!  I have worked with lots of big leo companies, and in total, I have tried out leotards from ten (maybe more) different brands.  I can confidently say that I'm obsessed with leotards!   I love seeing what designs are out there and I love having so many to pick from.  This obsession has led me to start my own leotard company!  This would be an amazing job, it's totally up my alley.  As a gymnast with lots of experience with leotards, I thought I would use the knowledge I have about what's good and what's not, and help out other gymnasts by providing the best leotards out there so you don't have to do all of the extra research yourself!

I hope my leotard business does well and I can do this for a long time!

Always push yourself to your maximum and don't be afraid to just go for it, because you will regret not doing it earlier ;)

Bethany G